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Recent visits to Falmouth in Cornwall have provided me with new subject matter for painting. I do not intend to produce work which is a copy of what I see, but rather to record my overall experience. I am always aware that I am making a painting and that the mark making and handling of media is all important. The paintings I hope can be read on at least two levels. One as representation seen from a distance and then as abstract indulgent use of paint close up. At the moment painting and drawing occupy all of my time but intend to carry ideas over into ceramic forms and surfaces in the future. I like working in a variety of media both 2D and 3D. In August I am travelling to Thailand and Cambodia with my family and look forward to this as inspiration for further work. 
If you are interested in my work or the way I work I do take commissions. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your thoughts and requirements (contact details found on main website).


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Recently I have been travelling to the North Devon coastline. Lynmouth in particular being the source of a number of new paintings in mixed media. Most times the weather has been quite cold and windy, making conditions uncomfortable to work in but wonderful for creating the kind of dramatic subjects I like. However, the most recent visit in early July, proved to be really hot and sultry. This lead me to produce a painting which has an unusual sense of calm, silence and stillness. I am know in Costa Rica and will be travelling around venturing into Peru and Brazil before returning home at the end of August. Hopefully new paintings of my travels will appear on my website throughout the Journey. 22/7/13 Costa Rica. During October/November I was Artist in Residence at Pate's Grammar School in Cheltenham, the school where I taught for many years. I enjoyed this very much. It enabled me to work on new paintings which were based on feelings and memories accumulated from the summer experiences. November and December I have concentrated on Ceramic pieces linked to the paintings in terms of shapes and surface textures, also atmosphere.